Proferrin®: lactoferrin with maximum purity and native conformation

Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein (i.e. a protein bound to an oligosaccharide) naturally present in many biological fluids such as milk, saliva, tears and nasal secretions. It is involved in the body’s immune response to infections, including those caused by bacteria and viruses. The highest concentration of lactoferrin is found in human colostrum, followed by human milk, and then by cow’s milk. Furthermore, lactoferrin present in bovine milk is the one that has the highest sequence homology with human lactoferrin (Wang et al., Comp Biochem Physiol, 1984)

Lactoferrin has particularly beneficial biological effects for our body:

It makes iron more bioavailable to the body.

It stimulates innate immunity (Zimecki et al, Arch Immunol Ther Exp, 1999) and adaptive immunity by promoting the proliferation and activation of lymphocytes (Mulder et al., Nutr Res, 2008).

It also participates directly in the defense mechanisms against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Many bacteria need iron to attach to the body’s tissues. Lactoferrin is able to retain iron and therefore makes it less available to bacteria, inhibiting microbial growth. Furthermore, scientific research suggests that, regardless of the ability to bind iron, lactoferrin can interact with microbial and viral surfaces preventing their entry into the body’s cells (Berlutti et al., Molecules, 2011).

Promotes the well-being of the intestinal microbiota. In fact, some studies suggest that lactoferrin promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria by helping to maintain intestinal homeostasis (Vega-Bautista et al., Int J Mol Sci, 2019).

Did you know that all these benefits are lost if lactoferrin is not in native conformation?

Indeed, lactoferrin is an enzyme. Enzymes work only if their conformation (i.e. their three-dimensional structure) is preserved.

If the structure is altered (for example by heat, pressure or chemical insults), lactoferrin no longer works.

Just like a bicycle without pedals or handlebars: the bike is there, but it is not functional.

The native conformation of lactoferrin is preserved by Proferrin®, bovine lactoferrin extracted with a patented non-aggressive method.

Proferrin® employs a method of lactoferrin extraction at low temperatures in order to preserve and guarantee the maximum purity and the native and undamaged structure of the lactoferrin.

In this way, the biological activities of lactoferrin that we have just seen are maintained and guaranteed to the body.

+Watt Advice

Recommended use: take 1 capsule a day of Lattofer+ with a glass of water.

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