Kyowa Premium Partner

A + Watt the use of the “Kyowa Quality Premium Partner” logo for the first time in Italy and Europe.

Kyowa Quality releases at + Watt, for the first time in Italy, the exclusive use of the “Premium Partner” logo. The logo represents the recognition of a deep bond between the two realities, which have collaborated over the years in parallel to the creation of products capable of guaranteeing the customer the highest quality standards. The market growth of + Watt has been matched by an ever increasing use of Kyowa raw materials, making it natural for a mutual recognition of values ​​and a partnership, precisely, PREMIUM. “Having an internal production makes us privileged observers of raw materials, and allows us to choose according to our conscience what we want to give to our customers, without compromise” expressed satisfied Stefano Sinelli, former CEO of + Watt “Kyowa is a company that has demonstrated over the years, reliability and safety and is certainly placed in a high-end market, both in terms of standard and price, but indispensable for us. ” Find out more

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