Basal metabolic rate and the lipolytic technolgy of Dima Therm

Usually, one of the main aims of people approaching physical activity is “to get rid of the belly and of the extra pounds”. Great attention is given to aerobic activity, such as the treadmill, always looking at how many calories are ‘burned’ during the effort.

However, it is often neglected that the physical activity by itself fills only about 20% of the daily energy expenditure, while as much as 70% is due to what is called the basal metabolic rate.

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy used by the body at rest to perform all the various vital metabolic functions (blood circulation, respiration, nervous system activity, etc …).

So, in order to ‘burn more kilocalories’, the increase of the basal metabolic rate is crucial, as it allows to increase energy expenditure even when you are not running on the treadmill!

To increase the basal metabolic rate it is of course essential to follow a physical exercise schedule, especially if aimed at the increase in muscle mass (in the body skeletal muscle is a very abundant tissue and with high-energy expenditure).

In addition, there are various nutrients and vegetal extracts involved in the stimulation of the basal metabolic rate, called thermogenic nutrients, working in synergy with physical activity.

One of these is caffeine, very studied, and whose thermogenic action is well recognized by the scientific community. However, the high doses present in thermogenic products commonly found in the market can lead, especially in the most sensitive subjects, to a series of undesirable effects, such as insomnia, palpitation, nervousness, headache, occasional dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders. Moreover, with prolonged assumptions, the body can become addicted to the action of caffeine and therefore the effectiveness of the latter tends to decrease.

Considering this notion, the thermogenic ingredients present in Dima Therm were identified and formulated. Dima Therm is a product with a scientifically proven stimulating activity at the basal metabolic rate but without the side effects of caffeine.

The two main features of Dima Therm are Sinetrol® and Fuplex®, two different mixes of plant extracts.

The first characteristic element of Dima Therm is Sinetrol®.

Sinetrol® is a patented formula of dry extracts of orange (Citrus sinensis), grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), and guaranà (Paullinia cupana), resulting in a highly concentrated mix of bioactive polyphenols (particularly abundant are naringin and neohesperidin) with lipolytic characteristics.

Theses nutrients operate at the level of fat cells (adipocytes), by stimulating lipolysis up to 6 times (Fat Shredding Technologies™) and therefore the release of fatty acids by these cells (Dallas et al., Phytomedicine, 2008).

Furthermore, the benefits of Sinetrol® in fat mass loss have been shown by scientific studies and publications. In particular, a study on 95 overweight subjects showed that the daily intake of 900 mg of Sinetrol® for three months resulted in a marked reduction in fat mass (10% reduction compared to the starting conditions) and a significant reduction in waist size and of the hips, in the absence of side effects (Dallas et al., Phytother Res, 2014).

To complete the lipolytic technology of Sinetrol®, Dima Therm included Fuplex®, a set of three different plant extracts with different mechanisms but with synergistic effects. Fuplex® is composed of the combination of brown alga (Fucus vesiculosus), black pepper (Piper nigrum) and Yerba matè (Ilex paraguariensis).

The presence of the dry extract of black pepper contains piperine, an alkaloid. Recent studies are increasingly highlighting that piperine has anti-adipogenic activity, i.e. it counteracts the synthesis of triglycerides inside the adipocytes, and it reduces the growth of the adipocytes themselves (Park et al., J Agric Food Chem, 2012 ; Parim et al, Pharm Biol, 2015).

The thermogenic contribution of Yerba matè, a South America native plant, derives from the presence of further polyphenols as well as a small contribution of caffeine. Noteworthy, the reduced quantities of the latter avoid any risk of inconveniences associated with its consumption.

Finally, the presence of the extract of brown seaweed involves an intake of iodine, supporting the production of thyroid hormones, which have a stimulating effect on the basal metabolic rate.

In conclusion, Dima Therm works on several fronts, but in a synergistic way: Sinetrol® stimulates lipolysis, while Fuplex® inhibits adipogenesis (black pepper), stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (yerba matè) and acts to support hormones thyroid (brown seaweed).

+Watt Advice

Recommended intake: it is recommended the assumption of 2 tablets a day with a sip of water.

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