Egg Proteins

What is it?

Powdered egg proteins are uncommon because our mind often links them to the amount of fat they contain, especially to cholesterol. In fact, most of the egg proteins in the market are made from albumin alone, which is a protein source of high biological value and contains no fats or carbohydrates. For this reason, protein extracted from egg white is a possible alternative to whey protein. What changes is the digestion/absorption time. We could classify the egg white proteins according to slow the casein and fast seroproteins: they therefore have intermediate times and good satiating power. Eggs are a safe source for those who have lactose intolerance or milk/soy protein allergies.

+Watt advices

Recommended intake: Egg white proteins can be introduced into the diet if you are not able to reach recommended minimum protein intake values, or to support/increase your muscle mass by taking them in the post-workout phase.