Plant extracts contained in Stack Fire Plus

Stack Fire PLUS is a product that made of a mix of plant extracts with ‘thermogenic’ (fat burning) effects, which can accelerate basal metabolism speed and thus ease weight loss. Individual components possess different properties but all converge in helping to burn fat mass, in particular by stimulating the lipid metabolism.
The most abundant vegetable extract in Stack Fire PLUS is that obtained from bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), whose action is mainly due to the content of synchrin, a natural simpaticomimetic alkaloid with lipolytic action (that stimulates the use of fat as a source of energy). A six-week study showed that a predominantly Citrus aurantium-based intake gave different results between two groups of overweight adults under the same diet. One group had received a Citrus aurantium supplement while the other had been given a placebo. The group that had taken the Citrus aurantium supplement showed a reduction in fat mass of 13% (fat loss of 3.1 kg) while in the group that had taken placebo the fat mass had even increased by 3% (0.7 kg increase) (Colker et al., Curr Therap Res, 1999).
In addition to bitter orange, Stack Fire PLUS also contains other plant extracts.
Fucus vesiculosus is a hygroscopic algae, both in organic and protein-bound form, which explains the efficacy of this extract. Iodine is incorporated into thyroid hormones and stimulates control of the thyroid metabolism, thus exerting a slimming effect.
Coleus forskohlii, on the other hand, acts within the cells by increasing the synthesis of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which in turn stimulates lipolysis and releases fatty acids from the cells.
Camellia Sinensis (green tea) is rich in flavonoids, particularly catechins, which play a crucial role in inhibiting fat synthesis and in boosting the action of caffeine in increasing energy expenditure.
Theobroma cacao (cocoa) contains theobromine, a substance that, like caffeine, belongs to the xanthine family and has similar effects (stimulating metabolism speed).
Capsicum annuum (chili pepper), through the capsaicin contained therein, directly and indirectly activates the basal metabolism. In fact, capsaicin, by activating heat-associated pain receptors (as it may contact it with an excessively hot material -es: flame, boiling water), puts the body in a state of ‘danger’ (Fight-or- flight) in which the energy demand increases.
Stack Fire PLUS blend has been added to some nutrients which amplify the effect of plant extracts, with various beneficial properties for fat loss.
An example is L-carnitine, the molecule that in our body acts as a fatty acid carrier within mitochondria, where they are used to obtain energy. L-Carnitine is therefore essential for the use of fats as a source of energy.
In addition, Stack Fire PLUS also contains a substantial share of caffeine, which is able to support, through synergistic action, the lipolytic effects of the other components of the product and to stimulate basal metabolism.
It is important to remember that for the presence of iodine contained in Fucus vesiculosus, Stack Fire PLUS is not suitable for those who take medication for thyroid disorders.
Stack Fire PLUS is also not recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

+Watt Advice

Recommended use: daily recommended intake is two capsules per day, preferably in the morning and before lunch, with a glass of water.

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