It is really astonishing that elements of nature are so chemically complex that they cannot be remotely emulated by the most complex and elaborate engineering device. Foods have an enormous nutrient complexity we are often unaware of. Sometimes we even discard and throw away food or parts of it without realizing how useful it can be for our health.

A striking example is given by the egg: when we remove the shell from a boiled egg, the former is joined by a membranous film, which we generally throw away. This “cuticle” are actually two cuticles (in technical language “inner and outer mebranes”) owning a very complex chemical composition: fibrous proteins such as collagen (type I, V and X) and elastin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans (GAG), chondroitin sulfate, lysozyme and many other biomolecules.

It seems that this mix of nutrients has been programmed by nature to support the health of our joints and tendons! Joints and tendons are anatomical regions that give structure and connect, respectively, bones with each other and bones with muscles: they are therefore very important structures that give complete and fluid mobility to our body and are crucial for anyone, athletes as well as non-athletes.

That’s why Ovomet® was developed!

Ovomet® is the egg membrane obtained with patented technology using only water to separate it from the eggshell, without the use of chemicals and in a completely ecological way. The membrane obtained is lyophilized, producing a powder in which all the original nutrients are concentrated.

Recent scientific evidence has shown a large number of benefits.

A double-blind study in subjects suffering from osteoarthritis recorded a statistically significant reduction in the perception of joint pain compared to the control group as early as the third day of assumption of 300 mg of Ovomet® (Gil-Quintana et al, J Osteopor Phys Act, 2018).

In sports subjects involved in physical effort (crossFit athletes) who took 300 mg Ovomet® daily, protective and fortifying effects on the joints was observed. Noteworthy, the reseachers observed improvements in biomechanical variables such as muscle strength and power in knee extension as well as a reduction in the stiffness of the Achilles tendon (Aguirre et al, J Trauma Treat, 2017).

A further study conducted in elderly subjects (> 80 years) diagnosed with osteoarthritis showed that the daily intake of 300 mg of Ovomet® for 50 days reduced pain by more than 40%, improved joint stiffness by 60% and increased by 48% Achilles tendon elasticity, compared to the placebo group (Blasco et al Int J Clin Rheumatol, 2016).

In summary, the real strength and innovation of Ovomet® is the union of its numerous nutrients: the many biomolecules contained in it allow to simultaneously exploit the properties of each of them, creating a real synergy: different effects and functions (for example, the physiological and biochemical roles of glucosamine are not the same as chondroitin sulphate) which converge, thus supporting the health of our joints and tendons.

+Watt Advice

Recommended use: 1 stick of Joint Formula Evo dissolved in a glass of water, preferably drunk at the evening. 

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