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Grissini Proteici

Protein Breadsticks with Peanuts and Almonds

Foods » Super Food

Grissini Proteici

Protein Breadsticks with Peanuts and Almonds

Who is it for?

  • For those looking for a protein-rich and balanced snack
  • For those who follow a diet low in simple sugars
  • For those who want to increase the protein intake in their diet

What is it for?

  • To make proteins
  • To replace the classic breadsticks

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Quality food

from 2,40 

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Nutrition Info

1 dose = 50 g
Energy 907 kJ / 216 kcal
Fats: 7.1 g
      of which Saturated Fatty Acids: 1.8 g
Carbohydrates: 28.8 g
1 dose = 50 g
      of which Sugars: 1.1 g
Fiber: 2.7 g
Proteins: 7.9 g
Salt: 1.1 g

Quality food

Protein Breadsticks with Peanuts and Almonds

Protein breadsticks are designed to meet the nutritional needs of those seeking a balanced diet without sacrificing taste. This product combines the crunchiness of breadsticks with an enriched nutritional profile, thanks to the inclusion of carefully selected ingredients.

Protein breadsticks are perfect for a healthy snack or as a complement to main meals. With their convenient packaging and the enriched taste of peanuts and almonds, they are a great healthy alternative to more caloric and less nutritious snacks.

The base of the protein breadsticks consists of wheat flour, combined with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour, which makes up 25% of the product, is high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Fiber helps to maintain a sense of fullness for longer and contributes to intestinal health. Additionally, the vitamins and minerals naturally present in whole wheat flour make it a fundamental ingredient for a healthy diet.

Peanuts and almonds not only add flavor and a crunchy texture to the breadsticks, but they also provide a source of proteins and healthy fats. Peanuts are rich in plant-based proteins and contain a good amount of fiber, B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus.

Whey protein, added to increase the protein content, is essential for building and repairing muscle tissues, making these breadsticks an excellent choice for those who practice sports or want to maintain a protein-rich diet. Whey protein is easily digestible and provides all the essential amino acids necessary for the human body, supporting muscle growth and maintenance.

Oat flakes, added to the breadsticks, can help reduce blood cholesterol levels. Additionally, oats provide long-lasting energy, making these breadsticks an excellent choice for a snack a few hours before a workout.

In summary, protein breadsticks are an excellent choice for those seeking a nutritious snack. Thanks to the combination of high-quality ingredients, these breadsticks also offer numerous health benefits.


Directions for use:

SPORTS: Sustainable energy for athletes: these breadsticks are a source of long-lasting energy. Whey protein and slow-release carbohydrates help to stay active longer. Protein Breadsticks are ideal a few hours before or after training.

Doses: 1 packet 2 hours before or after training.

DAILY LIFE: Can accompany meals or be eaten as a snack. Doses: 1 packet per day.

Packaging: 50 g / box of 10 pieces


Wheat flour, whole wheat flour (min 25%), peanuts 20%, almonds 8%, olive oil, whey protein, salt, oat flakes, maltex (barley malt), dry yeast.

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