Veggie Ciok

Veggie Ciok

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Pea protein bars with dark chocolate coating.

Veggie Ciok is a completely vegetable protein bar, as it contains only pea protein.

This feature makes it suitable for those following vegetarian and vegan diets and who wants to have the possibility to alternate the different protein sources in the daily diet.  Pea proteins are an excellent compromise for those who want to take different vegetable proteins from those with soy proteins and with agood biological value. Veggie Ciok is a complete bar and, differently to other vegetable protein bars, has a very pleasant taste. 

Packaging: 40 g bar, 24 bars box.

Flavours: cacao ,orange and apricot


SPORT: To feed before (at least an hour and a half) and / or after physical activity.

DAILY LIFE: to consume as a snack mid-morning and / or afternoon.