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Stack Fire Plus

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Stimulates the Metabolism and supports a balanced body weight.

Stack Fire Plus is a blend of herbal extracts and other active ingredients that carry out several actions in support of weight loss diets. Stack Fire Plus supports a balanced body weight (Citrus aurantium, Fucus vesciculosus), stimulates metabolism (Capsicum frutescens, Fucus vescicolosus, Coffea canephora), particularly fat metabolism (Fucus vescicolosus, Garcinia cambogia) and it has digestive functions (Coleus forskohlii, Fucus vescicoulosus) and hunger pungs curbing (Garcinia cambogia). L-carnitine favours the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria where they can be transformed into energy. Stack Fire PLUS provides antioxidant and tonic actions (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Capsicum frutescens), counteracting the physical and mental fatigue that often accompanies slimming diets (Vitamin C). Caffeine is a substance that facilitates the release of catecholamines such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine.
Daily serving and directions for use: 2 capsules in the morning or before lunch, with plenty of water.
Warnings: food supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption. Keep the product out of the reach of young children. Ask for medical advice in case of use of diabetes medicines or diet lasting more than 3 weeks. Do not exceed a daily caffeine intake of 400 mg from all sources.

Average values per 2 capsules (daily serving) 

Vitamin C 80 mg (100% VNR)

Vitamin E 12 mg (100% VNR)

Caffein 200 mg

Bitter orange 200 mg

synephrine 12 mg 

Cocoa 184 mg

Green coffee 100 mg

Chili pepper 100 mg

L-carnitine 100 mg

Lipoic acid 100 mg

Garcinia cambogia 84 mg

Brown algae 60 mg 

(iodio: 120 µg°) (°80%VNR)

Coleus 40 mg

VNR: Daily reference value

Ingredients: idroxypropyl methylcellulose (outher shell), bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L., subsp. amara), d.e 6% synephrine (octopamine <0,75%), caffein, cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) seeds d.e. 6% theobromine, bulking agent: dicalcium phosphate; green coffee (Coffea arabica L.) seeds d.e. 45% total flavonoids expressed as chlorogenic acid, chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) fruit d.e. 0,21-0,31% capsaicin, L-carnitine tartrate, lipoic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), garcinia cambogia (Garcinia cambogia Desr.) fructus d.e. 60% hydroxycitric acid, brown algae (Fucus vesciculosus L.) thallus d.e. iodine 0,2%, coleus (Plectranthus barbatus Andrew) root d.e. forskolin 10%, DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), anti-caking agents: E551, E470b; colour (outer shell): titanium dioxide.

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