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Tasty Bar

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25% bilayer protein bar covered with dark chocolate. GLUTEN FREE.

Tasty Bar is a bar with high biological value milk proteins. It is very useful before (at least an hour) and immediately after intense physical effort. It contains also carbohydrates, so it can provide the energy needed for the effort, while during the post-workout it helps the recovery of muscle energy and plastic reserves. Tasty Bar can be used as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack too, regardless of physical activity.  The peculiarity of this bar is in the double layer: indeed, if it is broken one can clearly see that it is formed by two mixtures with different aromas. This characteristic makes it particularly tasty and delicious.

Lactose: < 0,1 g/bar.


SPORT: to feed before or after prolonged efforts. Take a bar before (at least an hour) and a bar after physical activity. Do not take during physical effort.

DAILY LIFE: a bar as a snack and / or in place of meals.

Packaging: 40 g bar. Box containing 24 bars.