Protein bar with 35% protein, high in fiber and low in sugar

Barrettone 2.0 is a protein bar studied and formulated with the aim of giving innovation to the classical +Watt bar. 

Barrettone 2.0 is a bar not covered with chocolate, rich in high-valuable milk proteins (casein and whey), with few flakes of soy making the bar pleasantly crunchy. It includes fibers and sugar substitutes, so it has a very low impact on blood sugar, in fact, one bar contains only 1 gram of sugar. 

As with all high-protein foods, Barrettone 2.0 is useful for the muscle recovery after intense and / or prolonged physical activity, to support the muscle mass. This concept applies to both power and endurance sports. 

As it is well known, the digestibility of proteins is lower than carbohydrates, and their intake during performance could compromise the performance. 

For people not practicing physical activity, Barrettone 2.0 as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. This bar can be useful in the diets with reduced intake of sugar and / or aimed at weight loss. 


SPORT: to feed after prolonged efforts and / or power. Do not take during physical activity.

DAILY LIFE: as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. 

Packaging: 70 g bar, 20 bars box. 

Flavours: peanut butter, cocoa, coconut-cocoa, vanilla, berries.