Protein bars


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Proteic (41%) Bar%, double layer, uncoated.

Low Sugar Bar is an uncoated protein bar, enriched in high biological value milk proteins and soy flakes, which give it a pleasant crunchy note. This 75 gram bar contains 31 grams of proteins (from milk and soy) and is recommended for all those who need to increase their protein intake in the diet. This bar can be employed in diets with reduced intake of sugars, as it contains only 1.4 g sugars / bar.

Daily serving: to increase and maintain muscle mass, one bar before and/or after physical activity. For muscle recovery a bar after physical activity as a protein snack.

Size: 75 g. Box 20 bars.

Flavour: cookie cream.

Average values per 75 g (1 bar) 

Energy 964 kJ / 230 kcal

Fat 4,5 g

  of which: Saturates 1,8 g 

Carbohydrate 22 g

  of which: Sugars 1,4 g

                   Polyols 20 g

Fibre 4,4 g

Protein 31 g

Salt 0,74 g

Ingredients: milk proteins 44,7%, humectant: glycerol; sweeteners: maltitol, sucralose; inulin (from chicory root), bulking agent: polydextrose; cocoa mass, 2.4% soy flakes (soy protein, low-fat cocoa, tapioca starch), 2% milk cream (milk fat, skimmed milk powder), low-fat cocoa, soybean oil, flavorings (contain milk), salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin.