Pro Tech Bar

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Pro Tech Bar

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39.6% protein bar, double layer, uncoated.

Pro Tech Bar is rich in milk proteins with high biological value and soy protein. This 50 g bar contains 19.8 grams of protein and is recommended for those needing to increase their protein intake in their diet. Pro Tech Bar can also be used as a mid-morning/afternoon snack.

Size: 50 g. Box with 24 bars

Flavour: double chocolate

Average values per 100 g -50 g (1 bar)

Energy 1331 kJ / 318 kcal- 667 kJ /159 kcal 

Fat 8,3 g- 4,2 g  

of which: Saturates  4,0- 2,0 g C

Carbohydrate 27,2 g- 13,6 g                        

of which:  Sugars 1,5 g -0,7 g

Polyols 24,5 g - 12,3 g

Fibre 7,5 g -3,7 g

Protein 39,6 g- 19,8 g

Salt 0,89 g- 0,45 g

Ingredients: milk protein 42,5%, humectants: glycerol, maltitol; cocoa nibs 6,6%, cocoa mass 4,4%, oligofructose, bulking agent: polydextrose; low fat cocoa 2,2%, soy protein 1,1%, salt, flavourings (contain milk), soy oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin; tapioca starch, sweetener: sucralose. May contain peanuts, nuts, eggs and sesame seeds. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.