Milk Protein 90

Milk casein

Milk Protein 90

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Milk micellar casein with high protein content (90%) and added vitamins.  GLUTEN FREE 

Micellar casein has slower absorption and digestion rates than whey protein, as it provides a continuous release of amino acids in the muscles. The gradual absorption of micellar casein makes it a suitable protein for recovery also due to the large amount of glutamine it contains, which must be replenished when it is lost during exercise. Micellar casein contains less than 0.1% lactose, this property therefore makes it suitable for food intolerance sufferers.
Daily serving: 30 g. Dissolve 3 scoops of product (30 g) in 250 ml of water or skimmed milk.
Warnings: food supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption. Keep the product out of the reach of young children. Do not use in pregnancy and breast-feeding, in cases of liver or kidney diseases, in children and over a long period without medical advice.

Ingredienti: caseina micellare (deriva da latte) 96,3%, aromi, edulcoranti: sucralosio, glicosidi steviolici (estratti da foglie di Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni); acido L-ascorbico (vitamina C), DL-alfa tocoferolo acetato (vitamina E), piridossina HCl (vitamina B6), riboflavina (vitamina B2), tiamina HCl (vitamina B1), cianocobalamina (vitamina B12).

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