Water whey


Water whey

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Liquid food supplement based on whey protein

Protein intake is useful for athletes for post-workout muscle recovery as well as in daily life for reaching protein requirements and for controlling hunger attacks, i.e. in the case of diets aimed at weight loss. 

Water Whey is protein water: a clear drink, extremely refreshing and tasty, especially if refrigerated. Water Whey has an innovative format containing 20 g of whey protein of high biological value.

Water Whey is fat-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and without artificial colorings, with a reduced caloric intake: only 80 Kcal.

Warnings: food supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption. Keep the product out of the reach of young children.

Average values 500 ml

Energy 335 kJ / 80 kcal

Fat 0 g

of which Saturates 0 g 

Carbohydrate 0 g

of which Sugars 0 g 

Protein 20 g

Salt 0,10 g

Ingredients: water, whey protein (from milk) 4,4%, juice concentrate (apple, safflower, carrot, lemon, black currant), flavouring, acidity regulator: phosphoric acid, trisodium citrate; sweetener: sucralose.