Carbo Fruit Energy+


Carbo Fruit Energy+

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Dried fruit energy bar.

Carbo Fruit Energy+ is an energy bar of dried fruit (raisins, nuts, figs, apricots and plums). Uncoated, it is designed to be taken before or during resistance workouts to provide an adequate amount of energy, replenish glycogenic reserves and boost resistance levels.

Size: Bar of 40 g. Box of 24 bars. 

Mean values 1 bar (40 g)

Energy 514 kJ /122 kcal 

Fat 1,2 g

    of which: Saturates 0 g

Carbohydrate 24 g

    of which: Sugars 16 g

Fibre 2,2 g

Protein 2,2 g

Salt 0,08 g

Ingredients: raisins 27% (raisins, cottonseed oil), dehydrated apricots 17% (apricots, preservative: sulphur dioxide), mixture of flours (rye, soy, corn, barley, oats), dehydrated figs 14% (figs, preservative: sulphur dioxide), rice criespies (rice, sugar, barley malt -contains gluten- salt), dehydrated plums 7% (plums, preservative: potassium sorbate), maltodextrin, chopped hazelnuts, wafer (potato flour, water, sunflower oil), preservative: potassium sorbate.
May contain milk and other nuts.